Peter Truch is campaigning for a City Hall with less to hide

Peter Truch is campaigning for a City Hall with less to hide

Peter Truch wants a seat in Kelowna’s city council chambers because he said something is not right at the city.

He said, city staff are setting the agenda and holding back key information.

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“It just seems to be getting worse over the last decade that I haven’t been at the city,” said Truch.

“I personally believe based on my own experience in terms of trying to request that information, that senior city staff are withholding it both from the public and with council.”

He points to a previous KelownaNow council candidate interview in which an incumbent councillor expressed frustration.

“Even they admitted in the interview that they have not received information despite asking it multiple times. That needs to be called out.”

And what information members of council are getting is coming to them just a few days ahead of meetings, which is also unhelpful.

He said it’s a simple fix.

“Let council have that package 10 days before,” he said.

He also sees housing affordability as an issue that council could do more to address.

“So many people I’ve talked to in my campaign already are minimally housed or inadequately housed,” he said.

“There’s people I am very close to that can’t afford to live here. We’ve seen lots of stories about police officers not being able to afford to move here because they can’t afford housing.”

Truch said council has to work to increase the supply in the housing market.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean ‘build, build, build’,” said Truch. “What it means is build smartly.”

Truch said he doesn’t have a large budget for his campaign, so he’s looking for public support.

“The people that are on council are very nice,” he said, “but they can do better, we can do better, I can do better.”

Oct. 15 is election day.

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