Resident Action Groups

Hello Neighbour!
Concerned about feeling safe somewhere in our City? Traffic congestion?  Affordability?  Tax dollars being abused?  Recreational opportunities in your neighbourhood?  Preserving the environment for you, your kids and grandkids?  Tall skyscrapers invading the area?  Having a job that pays enough to be able to afford to live here?
As part of the upcoming municipal election in October, City Council Candidate Peter Truch is inviting you to join a Resident Action Group! 
These groups are designed to replace committees that City Council and Senior City Staff dissolved a few years ago.  Those committees were important for keeping the government in check, allowing for public to participate in the democratic process, and providing both valuable time and feedback into City decision-making.
Since dissolving them, as we all have seen, quality of life has gone down for Kelowna residents in just about every facet.
The Resident Action Groups, now and post-election will help keep City Hall properly informed, responsible, accountable and transparent in its decision making.
We get that you’re busy living life…  Even a few minutes of your time is important to ensure the viability of our community!
Vote for Truch, Vote for Truth …

Resident Action Group Form